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Although we specialize in elk hunts, our guides have years of experience here in the Bitterroot Valley hunting Moose Sheep and Mountain Goats, both personally and with clients. If you have been lucky enough to draw one of these coveted tags, let us help you make the most of your once in a lifetime hunt!





All Montana moose seasons allow you to hunt during the rut. The bulls can be easily called at this time and provide a action packed hunt. The moose areas we hunt are units 270 and 250.


A good size Shiras moose would be over 40” wide with true trophies hitting the magic 50” mark.


This is once again a draw hunt so the only way to play is to apply. If you have just drawn the tag, give us a call. We will help you hang that tag on the trophy of a lifetime. Our goal is to get our hunters the largest animal possible so a lot of pre-scouting on our behalf goes into this hunt.


If hunting sheep is something you want to do with almost guaranteed success on a B&C ram, your best bet is going to be to apply for the trophy areas year after year and pray you get drawn.


Our sheep hunts are conducted with the goal of a trophy in mind. Our guides work diligently to help you harvest a B&C or P&Y quality animal. This hunts includes all guiding as well as pre-scouting for your trophy. Let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to put you on the trophy of a lifetime.


The unit we hunt is unit 270. In this unit you will have a excellent chance at a 180+ ram and will look over 25-50 rams a day. Even with a die off in 2009 we have been seeing a good number of mature trophy rams. Although 270 is a great unit, the draw odds are about like the lotto.  Our hunters in this unit have gone 100% on B&C rams with both a gun and bow.

Our rates for this hunt include all food, lodging, and guiding. These are some of the best sheep hunts in the country. If you don’t already apply for sheep in Montana now is the time to start. If you have any questions about the application process please feel free reach out with any questions.



Montana mountain goat hunt can be one of the most unforgettable hunts in the state. The rugged beauty of goat country in the jagged glacier carved drainages of the Bitterroot’s Westside mountains are on par with the best goat hunting destinations in the world.


We offer guided mountain goat hunts as well as fully outfitted goat hunts in unit in 240 (WEST SIDE OF THE BITTERROOT VALLEY).


Although we do scout goats throughout the year and have been watching some real trophies, the few and hard to draw tags make goat hunting a rare occasion for hunters. Montana also offers hunters a chance to win a goat tag through the super tag lottery for $5 a chance. Although it may be long odds we have had hunters win before.


If you have been lucky enough to draw a tag, give us a call. We scout most of the areas every spring and know what the area holds as far a trophy quality. If you are looking to hang your tag on the best trophy possible, we can help. We offer a special discounted daily rate for resident hunters who choose to have us guide them.

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