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Our five day Spring bear hunts are done by spot and stalk and calling only. Most hunts involve hiking up basins to areas where avalanche chutes can be glassed for foraging bears, or by traveling logging roads glassing in logged cuts.


Because of the bears’ elusive nature, spot and stalk bear hunting can be an extremely rewarding hunt. Our hunting area boasts a high percentage of color phase bears. Because of high bear population in our area we have an extended bear season that runs longer than the rest of the state and encompasses some of the best weeks to hunt bears! The best time to hunt bears is during the month of may. This is when the highest concentrations of bears are out and are more easily accessible.


If you are up to the challenge of taking a bear on the ground while spot-and-stalk hunting contact us today!



The best way to hunt these bears in our area is to hunt afternoons and evenings glassing over large areas that bears use to feed. Days can be very long. That being the case, sometimes dinners can can end up being super late. So, what we are implementing for our bear hunts moving forward will be a little untraditional. 

We will begin each hunting day with a big breakfast around 8 am. Then each hunter will pack his or her lunch for the day, as well as pick out a dehydrated meal for dinner plus a few snacks (we will have plenty). Now, just because we pack the dehydrated meals doesn't necessarily mean we can't do a traditional style dinner, its just the most convenient way we have found for this particular hunt. When you book your hunt with us and would like to discuss different options just say so and we will work with you!


This hunt can be either an archery or a rifle hunt. We strongly advise you to bring a rifle if you want to have the best odds at a successful hunt. While I say this, its not uncommon to find our guides out chasing bears with a bow on their days off. So you'll be in good hands regardless. 


Weather this time of year in Montana can be anything from 80 degrees and sunny, to 20 degrees and snow storms. We advise packing for both, and everything in between. Click the button below for a list of gear you might need.



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