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Special Elk Draw Hunt | Montana OutWest Outfitters


Due to our high demand and nearly 100% repeat clientele we rarely have openings for our “general elk hunts”. Because of this we decided to shake it up a little bit this year and offer an application service for one of the LIMITED DRAW ELK TAGS in our guide use area. While the odds are low, the lucky draw applicants will be granted a spot with our outfit for either a rifle or archery hunt in the drawn unit.


How it works:


Our guide use area includes a few units that are only offered in a very limited quantity of tags. These are tags that you have to apply for to be able to hunt and if drawn can hunt our special area. Our special elk area only offers 45 tags with simple estimated odds around 1 in 24 (not accounting for bonus points).


We will apply you for these limited tags so you don't have to, and if drawn offer you the opportunity to book a guided hunt in the area with our outfit. The area is a great hunt with very minimal hunting pressure and high success on 6-point bulls. The area is heavily timbered, but provides an incredible hunt during the archery season with often vocal rutting elk. The rifle hunt is a little more difficult, but the area's low hunting pressure allows hunters an opportunity to hunt a very large area with relatively few hunters. This provides an incredible experience and some great opportunities for success.


If you choose to try and draw this hunt through our application service, here is how it works. We take your information and apply for you through the state draw for our unit. The state of Montana charges you up front the whole license cost, application fees, and bonus points (we suggest you gain points if applying).  The total cost is $1,200 for the tag and fees when applying with an outfitter preference point. If unsuccessful in drawing the permit the state will refund you 80% of the license fee. This amounts to about what most every Western state would charge to apply for a special elk tag. For us to do the application we charge an additional  $50 non-refundable fee. 


If drawn we have guided spaces available at our standard rate $8000 for one hunter with one guide or $7000 for two hunters per one guide (must apply as a party of two in the draw for this rate). Note: applying as a party does not increase your chances. In some instances, your chance may be less.


The hunt for successful applicants will be booked after the tag is drawn. Applicants who draw are not required to use our guiding service but it is highly recommended.  We can also offer semi-guided options for those who are interested. 

*Please note that if you apply with an outfitter preference point, you will be required to hunt with us per the state's regulations. And if you wish to just use our application service you must specify in the application form.


The due date for this opportunity is March 26th 2024.

If you have any questions, or would like to apply, please feel free to contact us at at our email and use Elk Application in the subject line.


Good Luck!

Remi Warren, Montana Outwest Outfitters

Outfitter Lic #11556

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