As a guide and outfitter who knows what it takes to run a successful hunting camp, I created Remi Warren Expeditions, a booking service to match hunters with high quality hunting experiences around the world. Partnering with fellow friend and outfitters who have the same passion and values.

We work with one of the most successful Newfoundland Outfitters. They offer the very best hunts for Eastern Canadian Moose and Woodland Caribou. As a personal vote of confidence, you can rest assured that i've personally tested and verified how great the experience is. From the staff, to the organizations, to the opportunities you get for large game, you are in for some incredible memories.

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There is no better hunt than this for Woodland Caribou. This caribou subspecies is unique in the fact that it doesn't have a large migration pattern and Newfoundland is the only place left where you can legally hunt and harvest one of these incredible animals. Most of the hunting consists of spot and stalk but once the rut starts picking up in October, calling becomes a favorite method of getting a stag into range. 
As with all the hunts conducted by this outfitter, this is a remote location accessible by helicopter. Most of the hunting is done from the lodge which is situated on a lake with a small boat and side by sides for assistance. Success on Woodland Caribou with this outfitter has been an outstanding 100% with many of the stags qualifying for Pope and Young or Boone and Crockett. 



It's no secret that Newfoundland has the highest density of moose per square mile in North America. With the thick timber, blow-downs, and infinite amount of bogs, the whole island is a moose paradise.


These hunts are conducted in the remote wilderness and are an experience that is unmatched in the moose hunting world. With the use of helicopters, you are able to be dropped off in a location that is unaccessible by any other form of travel. Getting away from the road system is a huge key to success. Not only will you see more moose, you will see more mature animals on average. You will typically see bulls in the 40-50" range with some bulls spreading the tape even further.

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