Wolves can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding game animals to take in North America. Since the successful comeback of the wolves in Montana there are now viable and huntable populations in much of the state.


Our winter wolf hunts are conducted on snow mobile and on foot. Most of the wolves are hunted by a combination of glassing, tracking, and howling. In December & January the elk have moved down to the winter range and the wolves have followed. Since the wolves food source is now concentrated we follow the elk while hunting wolves. The wolves are more concentrated this time of year and provided hunters with a great opportunity to be successful targeting the large predators.


If you have the necessary trapping license you may also set traps in between calling stands as an added bonus to the hunt. On this hunt you will see lots of other game animals on the winter range as well making it an exciting time of year to be in the field.


Hunters on our other hunts may also purchase a wolf license and take a wolf incidental to other hunting activities.