Montana mountain goat hunt can be one of the most unforgettable hunts in the state. The rugged beauty of goat country in the jagged glacier carved drainages of the Bitterroot’s Westside mountains are on par with the best goat hunting destinations in the world.


We offer guided mountain goat hunts as well as fully outfitted goat hunts in all districts within the Bitterroot National Forest-  including all units in 270, 250 and 240.


Although we do scout goats throughout the year and have been watching some real trophies, the few and hard to draw tags make goat hunting a rare occasion for hunters. If interested in applying in our area check out the Montana FWP link on this page and apply for one of the drainages in unit 250 or 240. Montana also offers hunters a chance to win a goat tag through the super tag lottery for $5 a chance. Although it may be long odds we have had hunters win before.


If you have been lucky enough to draw a tag, give us a call. We scout most of the areas every spring and know what the area holds as far a trophy quality. If you are looking to hang your tag on the best trophy possible, we can help. We offer a special discounted daily rate for resident hunters who choose to have us guide them.