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Hunt Packing List

Hunting Gear List




 -The biggest thing that I stress in hunting clothing is to layer. The mornings may be cold but it is easy to heat up and sweat while hiking. Wear layers that can be taken off and put in your pack.


I suggest synthetic clothing and refrain from cotton (everything I wear including socks is non-cotton). You will be much more comfortable hunting all day in clothing that dries quickly. The following list is what we suggest you bring. Some examples of synthetic clothing are Kuiu, Polarfleece, Smartwool, Underarmor, Pategonia, North Face, Sitka gear; there are a lot of synthetic hunting clothes out there now. If you have clothes that you are comfortable in feel free to use whatever –


• Synthetic or wool blend hiking Socks (5 Pairs)

• Top Base layer (2)

• Shirts (long sleeve) synthetic (2)

• Jacket

• Insulation layer (zip up polar fleece or similar) (1)

• Pants (1)

• Bottom base layer- (polar fleece long underwear or similar) (2)

• Hat

• Beanie

• Gloves (one pair for really cold one pair lighter weight)

• Hunters orange Vest

• Rain gear- packable lightweight rain gear

• Boots (waterproof) – Make sure your boots are well broken in and comfortable!!!

• Swim suit (for the hot tub and sauna)

• Clothes for the evenings to relax in

*You will have the ability to wash clothes if needed



• Day Pack - (able to carry lunch/ water and gear comfortably all day) packs with some type of internal frame and waist belt are recommended

• Flash light and or headlamp

• Matches/ lighter

• Water bladder or Nalgene bottle

• Knife

• Range Finder

• Binoculars

• Camera/ video camera

• Spotting scope (optional) - if you have one you are comfortable with bring it.

• Rifle & Extra Ammo (bring enough extra ammo in case you have to re-sight in if your scope gets messed up during travel)

• Game bags- enough for elk  and deer the best are elk quarter bags and one bag for whole deer

• Coolers to take meat home in never hurt to have.

• Don’t forget all your licenses and tags!


Personal Items:

• Medications/ vitamins- good idea to bring sore muscle cream

• Mole skin (for blisters found at pharmacy often near foot items)

• Small first aid kit

• Toiletries- toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.

• Extra Batteries


If you have any questions feel free to call


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