Our Archery Elk Hunts

At Montana OutWest Outfitters we take bow hunting serious. All of our guides are accomplished bow hunters and callers. There may be no better time to chase elk than during the rut with a bow in hand. During our archery hunts we have a lot of encounters and see a lot of elk as is activity is highest during the rut.


All of our hunts are fully outfitted and include all guiding, meals, lodging, and care of game. Not included are all travel expenses, licenses, processing, and gratuities.


How the hunt is conducted

During the archery season, the elk are hunted by a combination of calling/glassing or stand hunting wallows. Our hunts are conducted by driving to an area then hunting from there on foot. As with all western hunts physical preparation will increase your odds of success dramatically.


We suggest the last two weeks of September as the optimal time for this hunt. By hunting the rut chances of calling in a bull are greater than other time of year. For hunters looking for a stand type hunt we suggest hunting over wallows the first few weeks during the archery season as the bulls will frequent water this time of year to wallow and round up harems.

Making it a combination hunt with deer

Although we sell all of our elk hunts with the intent that the primary hunt is for elk, we also allow our hunters to hunt both elk and either a mule deer (with a proper draw permit) or whitetail as an incidental bonus if opportunity or time permits. As with all combo hunts we suggest you pick one primary species to focus on for the hunt. We have much better success targeting an individual species and taking the second animal as a bonus. However, we have many clients fill both their elk and deer tags in the same trip.


If you would like to hunt mule deer along with elk the quality of the mule deer and success largely depends on which area you draw a mule deer permit in. On our combo hunts we primarily hunt management unit 270 for elk, and Unit 250 or 240 for mule deer. For mule deer, unit 250 is a limited tag unit.


All hunters who book a hunt with Montana OutWest will be applied for mule deer permits in our areas. Unit 250 contains some quality deer with reasonable odds of drawing and great hunter success but the permit is not guaranteed in this area. If hunters are unsuccessful in drawing unit 250 they will be able to hunt mule deer in unit 240. So you will be able to have a mule deer tag even if you do not draw unit 250. The unlimited permit Unit 240 can hold some great bucks but the area is largely road-less, rugged, and heavily timbered. Keep in mind that on all of our combo hunts, hunters may harvest a whitetail instead of a mule deer in any unit we hunt. It is important to think of this hunt as an elk hunt where you may also have the opportunity to take a deer. If you draw a limited mule deer permit your opportunity for success will be greater than if you draw an unlimited permit.

Why hunt elk with a bow

Our archery hunts take advantage of when elk are the most vulnerable- the rut. during this time of year the bulls are bugling and attempting to round up cows. there is no other noise while out hunting quite like the bugle of a bull elk. Although it is not with out hard work hunting elk with a bow during the rut can be one of the most exciting hunting opportunities out west.


It is also the best time to lay eyes on the biggest bulls in the area. although it is not an easy feat to take a herd bull with a bow. archery season is the best time to locate larger bulls.